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pussy888 apk ios downloadControversial Name For A Controversial Game (APK IOS Pussy888)

Pussy888 Malaysia has been on the radar for quite a while and is one of the best games that has come so far. Bringing the casino industry to the next level in the online market of Malaysia’s casino industry. The market has been shocked by the appearance of this game in early 2019 in Malaysia and so far players are loving it! Awesome games and a very beautifully done user interface make this a haven for most people that want to love a casino game more than they love themselves. The online game has reached over 2 million players since it’s launch covering Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This is one of the must-try games of 2020 because of its rocketing popularity that makes people keep coming back for more.

What Do You Need To Know About Pussy888?

  • Pussy888 is an online casino game that has around more than 50 online games for you to pick from which includes the typical slot selection to the more advanced table video games.
  • This game has been one of the best games compared only to 918Kiss and more and more players are moving from 918Kiss to Pussy 888 every day.
  • People love to play the slot machines on Pussy 888 because of the high chance of winning and also the selection of very good slot games that makes people feel entertained when playing them.
  • Most of the games here are new, professionally designed and also hand-picked from the best casino games around Asia.
  • A replacement for real casinos such as Resort World Casinos all around the world. This is why you’ve probably seen that the games here are similar to that of the casinos in real life.
  • Popularity is mostly in Asia for now but currently, foreign casinos are trying to copy Pussy 888 as well because of the great reception from western players too.

How Much Balance Do You Need To Win?

From 1 to  50 000! You can win the game with any amount of balance. Just like the casinos that you can find in the world, you have the same chance as everyone else out there. It only depends on your luck. Find out the skills you need to win more and play more. The best way of winning has been thought to be bigger bets but that only improves your speed at winning, the real way to know that you’re winning is to have a higher skill percentage of the total population playing the game.

Let’s do the math right now! Panther Moon has an average player base of over 1 500 000 Million players every week all around the world. So you would only need to make sure that you have a skill level that is higher than 50% of the people playing. Knowing how to read the game and knowing what to play will make you have a higher chance of winning overall. Games that have lesser than 100 people as an example would be very hard to win as most of the players there are well skilled to win compared to a bigger player count.

Who Came Up With The Mobile Slot Game?

You are probably wondering who came up with such a funny name. It was honestly one of the developers trying to make this game viral. And it worked technically, more and more players have begun to recognize this game as “Pussy Slots” and somehow it has gotten even more popular. This is great for the casino but it kind of shows how scary a viral naming scheme can go.

The 888 in Pussy888 apk is coined because of Luck, 888 in Asia is a Chinese symbol of luck and prosperity as the number 8 is highly regarded as the number of Riches. Even in Singapore, you can see things designed around the figure 8 for “Feng Shui” they call it. So now you know where the name comes from.

pussy888 register loginTry It Out Right Now!

Install the game either on your Android or iPhone devices and make sure you have the right copy of the game for your respective devices and then enable the installation of outside/external applications on your phones. Once you’ve registered your ID for your game with the help of our dealers/agents or online registration system, you will be able to register Pussy888 login id anywhere you like and at any time you can play.

Are Casino Games Rigged?

No. Casino games follow an international gaming guideline on how to give the appropriate House Edge over players and this makes it fair to other players just like other casinos abroad. There are only certain games that people rarely play and most players know which are rigged online. Las Vegas has a few online casinos that are rigged in the USA but players will always review those and you can see the reviews online on the feedback of casinos being rigged. Only professionals are allowed to declare a casino rigged. Most professionals have their method to test the casino and its percentage winnings over their players. This Player VS House situation is the only real way to test if the games are fixed or not.

Malaysian Famous Casino Scams

There are many ways to scam a player in Malaysia and there are a lot of scammers out there. So we want to educate you on how to play safe and smart online with our guide here on casino scams. So with this, you can know how to avoid getting scammed or even avoid scammers all together.

Spotting a scam:

  1. Scammers online usually fake being an agent of a real online casino firm. The best way to spot this is to look at the Casino’s official list of CUCI accounts and compare it to the account the agent asks you to CUCI in to. This would be a clear sign of a scammer if the accounts do not match.
  2. 918Kiss_V2 as an example; There is a second version of 918kiss that has been going around and this file/program is the same copy as the real game but it makes players lose-win instead. Fake agents will give some players these fake 918Kiss_v2 games to make sure the players lose all their winning and are not able to claim winnings.
  3. The bait and switch trick: Some scammers are very advanced. Some of them will reward players accordingly at first. For example, if a player wins RM200, they will pay the player if he/she wants to withdraw but then when he/she deposits a bigger amount into the game, the scammers will leave and block them after they have made their deposits.

Pussy888 Malaysia


Pussy888 has been on the radar for quite a while and is one of the best games that has come so far. Bringing the casino industry to the next level in the online market of Malaysia’s casino industry.
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