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mega888 apk iosMega888 APK IOS Malaysia – Classic Old School Online Casino

As one of the oldest casinos is still online today. Mega888 has survived because of its overall popularity and reception by players around in our country especially Kuala Lumpur and big city-states. With more and more players coming online for a classic and homey casino experience. Mega 888 is the place to be! Not to be with SCR888 which has the same numbers but Mega 888 is its online casino with selected online games that represent what a casino is expected to do.

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The Popular Casino Games 2021

These are the top 5 types of games we’ve scouted out that have gained popularity in Malaysia for our players at all casino outlets including Mega888 Download link as well;

-Online Slot and Video Slot Games

This remains the number 1 pick for players across the country with many players betting on games such as Bonus Bears, Panther Moon, Safari Heat, Great Blue, Dolphin Slots, Roaring Wilds, Fortune Panda, Halloween Fortune and more! The online slot game genre seems to be a well-earned favorite amongst Malaysians and anyone who visits or works in the country. This is probably because the game is easy to understand and play. Also, it is very easy to start and stop unlike other games such as card games and table games which need you to finish before stopping. You can stop a casino game if you’re halfway playing and not have to worry about automatically losing because you quit the round.

-Ocean King Arcade Games

This came as a surprise to us when we asked our players what games they played the most online. Ocean King comes in different flavors and is among the popular arcade games if not the most popular online arcade casino game ever made. Probably that’s why there are so many versions of the game available for us to date. Players shoot fish figures in the game and aim to bust the “boss” character of each round to hit the jackpot in this game. The last hit is usually the one that gets the winning from the fish they bust. Players adjust the damage of their canons and area or direct damage choices to optimize their shooting experience and targeting. Net bullets give a wider area effect of damage but less damage and direct bullets give higher damage but cannot hit a wide area. Switching between these would be the best strategy for the type of thing you are shooting at.


Baccarat! A favorite of many casino players where the hands of one “player” and a dealer meet to exchange cards to hit the highest value of 9. Players(us) bet on which hand will win and put our winning balance at stake in amounts. There can be amounts from 50 cents to even 100 ringgit or 1000 ringgit bets. This is extremely addictive and no wonder it is in one of our top spots for the top 5 online casino games played by Malaysians.

-Sic Bo

Sic Bo remains as one of the more favorite games to be played online as players are familiar with it and even now Chinese players all understand how to play this game recently. Most of them play this game at high risks and want to win big if they can. The game emphasizes multiplayer games and makes players play together further giving more thrill to each player playing these games. There can be professionals that have practiced this throughout their gambling career but there are also beginners getting into the game which is very simple and easy to learn through guides or Youtube videos.

-Roulette and Blackjack

Lastly, we have the infamous Roulette and Blackjack game at a tie. These two types of games are of similar popularity in which most players would be involved in playing both games. They are so addictive and simple to learn. We got the game from Western gambling cultures and it is to stay forever. These sets of games are what make movie scenes typical as they are the most featured such as in James Bond films and Action Movies where the bad guy meets the good guy in a Casino. These are the games that have the most Hollywood screen time. Therefore, it has become a world-renowned game taking its places online and in homes of many different people.

mega888 login idMega888 Risk Management Is The Most Important Rule

We want you to know that risk management is the best rule when it comes to online casino games. No matter where you are or what you play, you must always manage your winning flow when playing such games especially online. These games win odds like crazy and sometimes players just do not know when to stop. Then they would face gambling addiction problems from their habits. Use casinos as a form of entertainment and do not gamble to get only profit. You need to know there is always a lose and win situation for every casino. Sometimes you will lose and if you do not control yourself, you would end up wanting to chase lose with even more losses as you try to win back your record. This is the worst way on how an individual could participate in gambling.

Remember to always manage yourself and know your limits at Mega888 or any other casinos out there to be sure that you are always safe and at ease when playing online. Know more about prioritizing your other needs instead of entertainment. Do not try to sacrifice the game balance that you need to survive to play these games online as these games are only for entertainment and not a great investment for anyone to help themselves earn more. Play smart and be smart with

Mega888 APK Favourite Of The Many

Easy to install and download for any device. You can register login id and bring this game anywhere you like and always love it wherever you go. Play more and more when you can have more free time for Mega888. If you’ve never tried this game before, this is your chance to get in on the classic casino experience that has made the online gambling industry what it is today. The best variety of classic games that would get you to win.

Mega888 Malaysia


Mega888 has survived because of its overall popularity and reception by players around in our country especially Kuala Lumpur and big city-states.
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